Parent Dogs

“Charlie” is the handsome daddy of our goldendoodle babies! He is a purebred, AKC registered, standard poodle, known for their intelligence! He is a super friendly fella who loves attention, is very active, and loves to play.




“Snow” is an amazing companion & mama.heidisnow

Her loving personality is hard to beat! She loves lots of attention and charms everyone she meets! She loves her blanket when it’s bedtime, and will quietly slip up in front of  you when she wants to cuddle. (which is very often) 🙂

Snow has a Golden Retriever frame with the gorgeous, white and tan, party-colored, non-shedding, coat that people want in a goldendoodle. Snow is playful and sweet and just an all around friendly, happy girl. We love her and know you will too!


20171030_095115 (Large)What can we say about sweet, Fiona…First and foremost, she is Snow’s absolute best buddy! (The feelings are mutual!) They watch each others every move, and admire each other as much as any four-legged creature possibly can! Fiona is more on the dignified side than her “sissy,” but don’t tell Snow that. 🙂 She is always coming up beside you with sweet gentleness, wanting those daily head rubs, and neck hugs. Fiona is a lover. She rarely barks, and is so easy going. Fiona is an English Cream/American Golden Retriever.