Satisfied Families

Bobo…now (Daisie Mae) is doing so good…the whole family is in love with her…we already taught her some cool tricks…she loves to play catch and is not scared to get a little wet on a hot summer day…lol…we will for sure give you some more updates throughout are goldendoodle journey….thank you for giving us this wonderful dog and I hope you enjoyed the pictures…!!!





To Heidi, (September 12, 2016) I am writing about our Bella who we adopted from you in July. She is an endearing and lovable dog. I cannot express how happy we are with her. If anyone wants to ask me about her because they are contemplating adopting one of the available puppies (if any might be left as of this writing), then please e mail me. I highly recommend Heidi as the breeder of gracefulgoldendoodles. You can tell how well treated these dogs are. Our Bella is affectionate, loyal, intelligent and learns very fast, absolutely beautiful, and just wonderful to be with. She loves to play, has lots of energy, loves to go after her toys and play fetch, and proudly walks alongside you, many times carrying her toy in her mouth. Or just being with you. Heidi, you have provided us with a dog who comes from outstanding parents. Her demeanor is that of calm, obedient, is well socialized and loves people. Bella is a very happy dog. She was the last one of her litter to be adopted, and we were just lucky and are forever grateful to get her. It must have been meant to be. We have a strong bond with her and the love is strong.  ~ Shelley S.